My PB MUSKY 54x27

My PB MUSKY 54x27


My name is Robbie Jarnigo and I have been fishing all of my life. My other “Job” is filming and editing Todays Angler videos! Lee Tauchen and I started the channel back in early 2017. We are in our 3rd summer of the channel and almost have reached 30k Subscribers! I hope to fish with you guys this year and maybe we can even make a Todays Angler video together!! Below is a quick story on how I got started fishing! I hope you enjoy!

My Dad got me into the sport of fishing as soon as I could hold a Scooby Doo pole and Zebco combo. My Dad showed me the basics and as a team, we would fish as many times as possible. I was very fortunate to be able to live on Rock Lake and have the opportunity to be on the lake almost every day of my life.

At the age of 12, I got my boater’s license and my fishing life really changed. The freedom of being able to wake up at dawn and fish til dusk made my love for the sport grow even more day by day. From that point of time when my Dad and I would go out fishing, I would captain the boat and choose the spots to fish. My family from the time I have been born has rented a cabin up in Three Lakes, Wisconsin for two weeks. My greatest fishing memories as a kid came from that small rustic cabin. When I was in 4th grade I caught my first muskie on an Anglia long Mepps spinner. That memory will never fade and my love for the sport became an addiction. From that day on all I wanted to do is catch the biggest fish in the lake.

From 4th grade to 7th grade I spent almost most of my time fishing for pike and smallmouth on Rock Lake. 8th grade is when I changed gears and devoted my time to the mighty muskie. I saved up my money and purchase my first muskie rod a St Croix 8 foot heavy muskie mojo. My first year of muskie fishing I caught what I thought was a fish of a lifetime. Little did I know these creatures can get a lot bigger. I caught a 47 inch muskie on my very own modified secret bait on Lake Okauchee. This fish has triggered a whole new love for fishing and that is muskie fishing.

At age 16 when I got my driver’s license, you could guarantee there would be a boat behind my truck going to a new lake. I spent my time going to the Madison Chain and the Waukesha lakes testing my skills on the mighty muskie. At around this time I met Lee Tauchen who is one of the most accomplished fishing guides in the business. My learning curve spiked every time I got off the water with him.

I would be left at the end of the day overwhelmed with fishing knowledge. The way I fished completely changed. I have learned so much by fishing with the best of the best. At age 18 I caught the fish of a lifetime fishing with my mentor/friend Lee Tauchen. It was a 54.5 X 27 inch muskie on lake Mille lacs in November. I will never forget that day of fishing til the day I die.

I have a lot of fishing knowledge to share and also a lot of fishing knowledge to learn as a young guide. My passion is taking out people who rarely get on the water and having them catch big fish. To me, it is more exciting to have someone else catch a fish than myself. I hope you can book a trip with me this coming year and experience a fun and relaxing day on the water.